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Is The Compressor Able to be Mounted within Engine Bay?

Ideally the controller should not be located within the engine bay due to excessive heats, the compressor is able to withstand 100’C but 70’C should be considered due to external factors and residual heat. If mounting within the engine bay heat shielding is required including the suctions lines. Careful considering should be taken prior to mounting in this location as the unit’s life expectancy may shorten.

Can the Compressor be side mounted?

 The Compressor must be mounted upright with the controller towards the top, Operating the compressor mounting on its side or upside down may cause a critical failure to the unit.

Can the Compressor be run at a lower speed value?

The compressors rely on the cold flood back from the refrigerant to cool down the controller to keep it in check. Special Builds can be requested or controllers can be purchased to complete your own tests.

Type of Power Cables Required?

 A minimum of 2B&S copper insulated cabling MUST BE used. Failing to use the recommended cabling will result in high current consumption, high resistance and over all poor performance from the entire DC voltage HVAC system. Length of cabling MUST BE calculated so resistance is keptto a minimum.

Do I have to Upgrade my Alternator?

Your alternator must be above 100 amps on @12 volt and 24 volt and able to cope with your calculated other power consumption on the truck, machine, Van or any type of vehicle mobile or stationary etc. used while in use must be sufficient to do all is required to run the truck, machine, Van or any type of vehicle mobile or stationary etc. We recommend always best to consult Auto‐Electrician for these calculations. Original power cables, electrical system installed on the truck, machine, Van or any type of vehicle mobile or stationary must also be sufficient to handle the extra load from the compressor and/or complete system.

What Connector Types are included with the compressor?

DTM4 Plugs (kit) and a 2 pole power connector for the battery leads are included with each compressor.

When the required 100amp output is not achievable

In a small area you can run the speed down on the compressor but you will sacrifice the cooling capacity.  There is generallya 10Amp difference between each speed.  So depending on the conditions if you current draw is 45A on low then mid will be 55 and high will be 65 . The lower your head pressure the lower your amp draw.

Some have been successful by increasing the size of their battery for compensation when the idle is down.

Dual battery option is a patch fix, it can work however there will always be the situation where the alternator is not able to charge and supply the power needed to the vehicle at the same time, This may overwork your alternator and lead to component failure.  Careful consideration would be needed to ensure you are able to recharge the batteries.

Can the compressor support dual evaporate units for large cabin areas

This would lead to poor oil return and poor floor back to the compressor, which will reduce the life of the compressor itself, in belt driven compressors this has been possible when there is a lot of reserve capacity, but even then performance levels can vary.  

Upgrading to a rooftop RedDOT system may elevate this need.

Compressor Oil Type

üPOE 68 or if special arrangement is made prior Ester 68 can be used.

100ml will be in the compressor on it's arrival to you.